Top 7 Funniest Moments in History of Cricket

Funniest Moments in History of Cricket

The cricket fraternity is spread across the world. Cricket is a religion, not purely a game. People worship their favourite player. They cheer them in victory and get sad in defeat. Cricket is an interesting game because it has its fair share of funny moments. These funny moments are more enjoyable than any other. A cricket game is not complete without some funny moments. These funny moments have become popular in recent times. This blog will discuss the top 7 funniest moments in the history of cricket.

  • Sachin Tendulkar

Sachin Tendulkar, a world-renowned cricketer, is known for his excellent ability to keep things under control. However, on this particular occasion, events unfolded in a way that was beyond his control. Sachin and Anil Kumble were batting when Sachin tried to move the ball to the side to score a single. But when they tried to run for a second run, they weren’t on the same page, which led to confusion. The batting maestro was almost run-out, but the wicketkeeper made a careless fumble.

The commentators described the funny situation by saying, “it looks like a circus down there.”

  • Ajit Agarkar

In the early 2000s, Ajit Agarkar was a crucial member of the Indian bowling team. He demonstrated his value with the bat in addition to his impressive bowling abilities. Ajit Agarkar, however, faced seven consecutive ducks in back-to-back matches during a tour against Australia. Ajit Agarkar, however, celebrated by raising his bat in the air as if he had just scored a century when he finally opened his account against the Australians and hit a run.

  • Neil Mckenzie Trouser Slip

This is a famous incident in cricketing history. Most cricket fans are familiar with it, but for Neil McKenzie, it was an embarrassing moment as he was caught with his pants down. When the event happened, the South African team visited Australia. Between the two countries, it was their final ODI. The aim established by the Proteas was being pursued by the Australians.

Batsman Michael Bevan made a boundary strike with his ball. Neil McKenzie attempted to dive to save the boundary. Unfortunately, his pants came loose at the wrong time. The boundary could not be saved by Neil Mckenzie. It was the only time in cricket history that a player was caught on the field without his pants on.

  • Red Card by Umpire

New Zealand was playing a T20 match against Australia when something hilarious happened that’s now made it onto the list of top funniest moments in cricket history. Australian bowler McGrath was bowling the last over and the Kiwis needed 45 runs to win, so the last ball was just a formality. Except, as it turned out, there was a bit of confusion and McGrath ended up bowling a red card instead! Of course, there’s no such thing as a red card in cricket, which just made the whole incident even funnier.

So, McGrath decided to have some fun and lighten the mood. He walked a few paces and pretended to bowl an underarm delivery. But he didn’t bowl the ball. Billy Bowden, the strange umpire, was made for these circumstances. He presented McGrath with a crimson notebook that he had just taken out of his pocket. The whole stadium erupted into laughter.

  • CSK Missed Run Out

The team’s always filled with great players. However, a 2009 event during a game versus the Deccan Chargers has earned the moniker “the comedy of mistakes.” The fielders had a straightforward opportunity of escaping. However, the Deccan Chargers’ batsmen’s misunderstandings gave the Chennai squad a good opportunity of being run out. But they squandered not one, but two easy opportunities.

It was a real shame to see such a great team make such simple mistakes. But, in the end, Chennai Super Kings still managed to come out on top and win the match.

Even the experts could not suppress their laughter. You won’t stop laughing no matter how many times you see it, one of the commentators said. And that’s the best way, to sum up, this weird mishap. The Chennai fielders put on unquestionably their poorest effort yet. Ironically, Mahendra Singh Dhoni, the captain, is thought to have one of the best situations at the wickets. Unfortunately, all he could do was see the traffic accident.

  • Steve Smith Batting Antics

Steve Smith’s batting stance is always unorthodox, but now even the way he leaves the ball is unorthodox. Other batters just raise over their shoulders to leave the delivery, but during a test match, How’s that? is frequently said by Steve Smith when he moves his bat forward and leaves the ball. Steve Smith’s batting technique makes noise while guarding the ball, but he also plays the game quite differently than other players.

The players must maintain intense focus throughout the whole test match. So maybe it merely aids in his concentration while also confusing the other bowlers.

  • Chris Gayle warning Batsman

Chris Gayle, otherwise known as the “universe boss,” is a cricket fan favourite. He’s always enjoyed being on the field and has had many funny moments throughout his career. There are so many moments that could be included in the list of the top funny moments in cricket.

There is one instance that stands out relative to the others, though. The ODI World Cup happened during a game between England and the West Indies.

Even before the bowler bowled the ball, Eoin Morgan departed from the crease. Chris alerted Morgan after noticing this. However, the manner of warning was simply peculiar. He accepted the run-up, but rather than bowling, he paused and made fun of the runout gesture. Even Eoin Morgan couldn’t help but smile because it was so amusing.


We hope you enjoyed our article about the top 7 funniest moments in cricket. It’s always fun to see the reactions of players when they do something silly on the cricket field, so we wanted to share some of those moments with you.

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